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cellar2Pre-harvest vineyard and winery planning

                        • Winery Design

                        • Vintage & Harvest Preparation

                        • Winemaking Protocols

                        • Fermentation Guidance

                        • Oak Treatments and Selection, Maturation, Barriques

                        • Fining, Stabilisation, Clarification, Filtration advice.

                        • Rescue winemaking               

                        • Blending for successful sales

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About Me


Our consultancy will produce for you better balanced award winning wines without forgetting commercial considerations.  Being “passionate” doesn’t have to mean bei ng profitless. 

“Making the wines that sell rather than selling wines that are made.”



Cru Guru - Wine Consultancy, Owen Bird
Vorstand: Owen Bird, B.Ec. LLB, PGD Oenology
Am Rehberg 7
64625 Bensheim-Auerbach, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 174 180 7333

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