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owen2Born and raised in Tasmania, I completed a Law & Economics Degree. After being called to the Bar, I enjoyed my brief time as a Barrister. During my time at University I was bitten by the wine bug and decided to complete a Post Graduate Diploma in Oenology & Viticulture, finishing with Distinction. I then followed the well worn path of vintage "flying winemaking" taking on projects around the World.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked in every aspect of winery operations both in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, spending time in wonderful wine growing regions.

I've produced internationally awarded wines for large commercial wine operations and for small top level elite family estates. I've blended own label wines for Jamie Oliver, Carluccios, P&O Cruise Lines, and most international retailers.

Fluent Italian and German speaking, my experience is not limited to winemaking. I have purchased and brokered both bulk and bottled wines from all 5 continents. I am an invited Senior Judge to a number of international wine competitions.

I have the skill set to source wines from a worldwide base of cost effective producers value adding with my blending/winemaking skills. My greater involvement in commercial winemaking has made good use of skills acquired in the law. Finding technical solutions to production is merely one aspect.

I consult on all technical aspects, forensic production problem investigation, setting stylistic direction for wineries, and blending wines for success. In short, I make the wines that sell rather than sell the wines that are made. 

My legal and commercial background have been called upon to evaluate wine businesses providing both a commercial and production based perspective for mergers/acquisition, and banking solutions.

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About Me


Our consultancy will produce for you better balanced award winning wines without forgetting commercial considerations.  Being “passionate” doesn’t have to mean bei ng profitless. 

“Making the wines that sell rather than selling wines that are made.”



Cru Guru - Wine Consultancy, Owen Bird
Vorstand: Owen Bird, B.Ec. LLB, PGD Oenology
Am Rehberg 7
64625 Bensheim-Auerbach, Germany
Tel.: (+49) 174 180 7333

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